If you're responsible for leading change or just getting started in change management, it can sometimes feel like a whirlwind!

You're left trying to figure out what works or where to start from, especially with so many models, templates and courses out there. And when you use them, they work as expected.

This can leave you feeling frustrated and wondering what to do, or what change tool or approach to apply to your situation, so you can get your stakeholders to adopt the change.

You may be searching for the right type of change training. You are looking for something that goes beyond theories, to help you gain practical knowledge and skills that will help you hit the ground running at work, on your current projects, or at job interviews.

Trying different change tactics and not getting the results you need can sometimes feel like you're spinning your wheels.

Being Effective at Leading Change Has Become Non-Negotiable

Right now, we're constantly being faced with rapid changes both at work and around us. The pace of change is becoming increasingly faster and faster. Resulting even in change fatigue amongst our stakeholders.

Confidently leading and responding to change has never been more critical. While others struggle, you recognize an opportunity to equip and position yourself for success as an effective Change Leader.

You want to...

  • Become more confident and successful at leading and managing change. But you are not sure where to start.

  • Overcome the constant roadblocks and resistance you face from your stakeholders and leaders when implementing change. But it feels like a struggle.

  • Be persuasive and raise your influence with your colleagues, leaders, and teams. But it sometimes feels impossible.

  • Be agile and responsive to change. But as the deadline gets closer, you find yourself trying to find solutions, and at the same time having to navigate internal office politics and barriers.

You realize that change is happening faster than ever before, and being able to effectively lead and manage change has become a must for your career.

Hi, Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta here! Your Instructor, Coach and Mentor.

I was raised in a time where you were told if you get a good degree, you get a good job and a good life!

I remember graduating from university over 20 years ago, and feeling very positive and ready to take on the world. After a long and sometimes frustrating job search, I finally landed my dream job! I WAS SO EXCITED!!

But soon after, I got laid off due to a merger and acquisition as a result of the explosive dot.com boom then. Being laid off, I came to the realization early that no job is permanent and that I needed to create my own path.

I discovered very quickly that if you're not responsive to change, you'll get left behind...

Fast forward to now, the pace of change is much faster! The marketplace has significantly shifted, the future of work has accelerated. The ability to lead and respond to change better and faster has never been more critical!

In working with many organizations over the years to help them lead and drive change - time and time again - I found the critical success factor in any change often came down to the 'Change Leadership'.

The world is ever changing and everybody needs to stay on their feet to stay ahead. But this can only happen if you are equipped with the competencies to lead change, and how best to apply them.

How can you get the skills and tools to successfully lead and manage change, no matter the situation?

Discover Your Change Leadership DNA

Our Change Leadership Accelerator DNA Signature Method is designed to get you real results. This method equips you to influence your stakeholders to get their buy-in. It stops you from worrying about what, when or how to get your desired change results.

Accelerate Your Change Leadership Skills to Confidently Lead and Manage Change

  • Change Leadership
    Learning & Coaching

    Discover and master the key change leadership skills you need to successfully lead change. Free your time and effort from activities that no longer work.

  • Change Tools
    & Frameworks

    Navigate your change initiatives with ease by identifying the right tools, models and templates. But most importantly, knowing how to effectively use them.

  • Respond To Change
    Better & Faster

    Anticipate, prepare and respond to change faster, with practical proven strategies. And at the same time, accelerate your professional growth.

Get everything you need to confidently lead change inside our step-by-step online program.

  • Module 1
    Change Leadership Fundamentals

    • Master the fundamentals of change leadership
    • Understand the role of a change leader, and how you can to apply change leadership skills to become a change leader in your role
    • Explore the Change Curve model, and how to effectively apply it to leading and managing change
  • Module 2
    Raise Your Influence: Change Leadership Competencies

    • Understand your change leadership style, and how to leverage it as a tool for leading change
    • Discover how to persuade and influence others to buy-in to the change
    • Discover the core change Leadership competencies, and how to apply them to get real results
  • Module 3
    Design and Build Your Agenda for Change

    • Discover how to anticipate and respond to change better and faster
    • Understand the key change assessments, and how to effectively conduct them to drive successful change outcomes
    • Discover how to create a tailored change strategy specific to your change and projects
  • Module 4
    Mobilize and Prepare Your Team and Organisation for Change

    • Master how to lead and bring others onboard for the change
    • Discover how to gain buy-in from stakeholders for the change and what to tools to leverage
    • Discover how to create your change plan, to execute and increase adoption of the change
  • Module 5
    Managing Resistance to Change

    • Understand and recognize resistance to change
    • Discover how to leverage resistance to change for successful change outcomes
    • Discover strategies and tools for preventing and managing resistance to change, and how to overcome barriers to change
  • Module 6
    Change Models, and Frameworks

    Introduction to key change models and how to select the best model:
    • Kubler-Ross Change Curve
    • Head, Heart & Hand Change Model
    • Bridge's Transition Model
    • Kotter's 8-Step Process Model
    • Prosci ADKAR and 3 Phase Model
    • Lewin's 3 Stage Model of Change
    • McKinsey 7s Framework

Your Money-Back Guarantee

if you follow the program, and don't get the tools and strategies (and how to practically apply them) to help you more effectively lead and manage change, just let us know and you'll get every cent you paid back. To qualify for the refund, all we ask is that you send us your completed workbook for all modules in the next 12 weeks showing you’ve implemented everything, and we will refund your full amount.

You'll get these TEN benefits from our change leadership program. Guaranteed!

  • Get easy and convenient access at anytime, 24/7. Online and self-paced change leadership course, allowing you to absorb and internalize the content at a comfortable pace.

  • Get practical and easy to implement change leadership strategies that you can immediately start to use to experience incredible results.

  • Get practical change leadership tools to help you master the people side of change, and how best to apply these tools to get maximum results. As well as enhance your toolkit.

  • Discover change leadership best practices and models, and how you can leverage and apply them to real-world challenges in your workplace and on your projects.

  • Get additional bi-monthly live teaching and coaching sessions to accelerate your learning and professional development. Where we’ll go over any areas where you may need help.

  • You get ongoing access to teachings and materials to reference it as needed, and to new releases so you are always ahead on your change leadership and professional development.

  • You get ongoing advice and support in an exclusive private course member only community, where can also share ideas, and network with fellow members and possibly even future colleagues.

  • Experience an optimal and flexible program. It includes videos and audio recordings, live sessions, case studies, reading materials, models, sample templates, and more.

  • Get a real-world practical approach to change using our downloadable workbook with activities and hands-on exercises to augment your learning that you can apply immediately at work.

  • Get increased professional credibility with your Certificate of Completion. That can be added to your Linkedin profile and resume.

Your Instructor:
Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Change Management Strategist & Advisor, Author, and Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach

I have accumulated over 20 years’ experience in leading and managing change, training, consulting and coaching on change, which is what I bring to you on this program to help you achieve your goals.

I have worked with a broad range of organizations globally to lead and manage their Strategic, Technology and Regulatory Change Initiatives. The invaluable experience I have gained from leading and managing change with these organizations, coupled with my exposure to global and diverse business environments, has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to consistently drive results for my students and clients.

I hold a BSc honour from London Guildhall University, an MBA from Warwick Business School, and a Change Leadership Certificate from Cornell University.

Here are some more bonuses when you join now...

  • BONUS #1: Templates and Checklists to give you a jumpstart, save you time, and provide an easy framwork to follow.

  • BONUS #2: Key Change Models and Frameworks Cheatsheet with quick and easy to reference tips on 'How' and 'When' to use them to get the best outcomes.

  • BONUS #3: One year free premium membership to the Change Leadership VIP club community with exclusive content and offers.

Here's what professionals who are responsible for leading change had to say after attending the program...

Not just for Change Managers, but for anyone who has a role to play in delivering change. I highly recommend this course to anyone involved in change initiatives, from business analysts to people managers, to executive sponsors

I have a broader understanding of various change models and when to apply them individually or collectively to get the best outcomes for my initiatives.

This course brings a very practical perspective to leading change, and is not just for Change Managers, but for anyone who has a role to play in delivering change.

I highly recommend this course to anyone involved in change initiatives, from business analysts to people managers, to executive sponsors. It will be time very well spent!

It taught me skills that I was immediately able to use in my current project.

When it came to anything Change Leadership, I was unable to speak authoritatively and did not always know how my role as Lead Business Analyst could support leading change.

I did not feel that I was as equipped as I could be to drive change effectively, but that changed.

I strongly recommend this practical change leadership course. It has taught me skills that I was immediately able to use in my current project. It also contained a lot of sample scenarios which made it very relatable and easy to apply.

It synthesized my knowledge - enhanced my learning and provided valuable resources

I've been a change professional for 18 years, and although I have my change credentials, I wanted to take a course that spoke to change leadership.

The Change Leadership Accelerator program synthesized my knowledge - it enhanced my learning and provided valuable resources that I can bring back to the office, it gave me the language and the confidence to work with the highest levels in the organisation. It's a great resource!

I now feel much more confident in understanding how to lead change and embody it

While I've taken change management courses in the past, I've struggled with applying what I've learned in the classroom. With the Change Leadership program, this provided a completely different approach, focusing not just on concepts and techniques but how to work with them in the real world.

I now feel much more confident in understanding how to lead change and embody it, regardless of whether I’m pushing up to get buy-in from senior management or more broadly to staff.

It has increased my confidence to be very successful as I advance my career in change management.

Since completing The Change Leadership Accelerator program, I have gained a better understanding of change leadership and the competencies required to be an effective change leader. Learning the various change management methods and which best to use, has also increased my confidence to be very successful as I advance my career in change management.

I feel very knowledgeable and better prepared to confidently support, lead or manage change in any project or organization.

Who is the Change Leadership Accelerator program for?

It is for professionals who want acquire the skills and tools to successfully and confidently lead change.

If you are a Change Practitioner, Project Management Professional, Business Analyst, in HR, or responsible for leading and implementing change in organization or projects, this program is for YOU.

If you want to overcome constant roadblocks, increase your influence with your stakeholders, and stop spending time on outdated practices that no longer work, then this course is for you.

No more stressing and guessing about how to bring in the results you need. Guide your team, project and organization to success by confidently stepping into your role as a Change Leader!

Get the step-by-step roadmap and tools to effectively lead change. Become a successful change leader in your organization and industry.

Here’s a reminder of everything you get inside the program

  • MODULE ONE: Change Leadership Fundamentals
  • MODULE TWO: How To Raise Your Influence: Change Leadership Competencies
  • MODULE THREE: Design and Build Your Agenda for Change
  • MODULE FOUR: Mobilize and Prepare Your Team and Organisation for Change
  • MODULE FIVE: Managing Resistance to Change
  • MODULE SIX: Change Models, Frameworks and Methodologies
  • Bi-monthly LIVE group coaching 
  • Exclusive access to our members-only community where you can receive ongoing support from like-minded participants
  • Assessments and exercises to help you implement your learning
  • Official Change Leadership Accelerator Certificate of Completion
  • Access to new content as it’s released!

PLUS these fantastic bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: Essential Templates and Checklists
  • BONUS #2: The Key Change Models and Frameworks Cheatsheet 
  • BONUS #3: 12 months membership to the Change Leadership VIP community 

Get all these amazing benefits in one simple click*

*SAVE INSTANTLY when you invest upfront!

Become a Change Leader in your organization and industry in one simple click!

Payment in USD

Hear more testimonials from professionals who are leading and managing change...

This is an investment worth making, for those new to change management or interested in enhancing your current toolkit.

The Change Leadership Accelerator course is it!
Plenty of learnings, tools, change model comparisons and a community of like minded, trend watching change professionals. Happy to have found this community!

Go for it, you will walk away from it with knowledge and tools that you didn't know you needed, but that are extremely valuable.

Before attending this course, it was a challenge mobilizing change with getting resistant leaders onboard. I walked away with more tools meant to enhance my ability to influence and lead change.

This is by far one of THE best investments of my time and resources.

The content and approach were relatable, as they were inspiring. Without a doubt, these tools and resources will not be tucked away on my shelf because they apply to way more than my work.

Here are answers to some common questions

  • How does this program compare to other change management certifications?

    It all depends on your objectives. If you are looking for the missing component that will help you raise your level of influence within your organization, a program that goes beyond theories to help you gain practical knowledge and skills, or looking to hit the ground running at work on your current projects or at job interviews, then this is the right program for you. We focus on the practical ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ to help you successfully lead and manage change in your organization. As well as to position, elevate and future-proof your career.

  • How is this program being delivered?

    This program is delivered online with your private log-in and learning area. It will include 6 modules with videos and audio content, live teachings, reading materials, practical case studies, change leadership methodologies, exercises and activities, and sample templates, to provide you with an optimal learning experience. Live teaching and group coaching sessions take place twice a month on Saturdays 10am EST (2nd & 4th Saturdays), and you’re able to ask questions and meet other students. You also have exclusive access to a private online community, where you can ask questions, and interact and network with other change leaders as yourself.

  • Can I join anytime?

    Yes, you can. You’ll have immediate access to the lessons and modules, which you can go through at your own pace. And you can jump on any of our ongoing live teaching and coaching sessions.

  • What if I cannot join live sessions?

    That’s okay, as they are optional. Recording of live teaching sessions will be uploaded to the community as well. As well, you always have the option to ask questions by posting it in the online community. We have students who have attended and graduated from the program by choosing to take advantage of the self-paced feature and recordings only.

  • How long do I have access to this program?

    Always. To have lifelong access to the modules and future updates, you need to complete all the lessons within a 12-week period. We do this as your accountability partner to help support you in getting the most out of the program.

  • What happens if I don’t finish the modules in time?

    You will be given a 14-day extension to go through the lessons and complete the program. If you still don’t finish your lessons by then, your program access will be revoked. To regain access, you will be required to pay a fee to cover administration costs.

  • Do I need any prior knowledge of Change Management?

    No, you do not. But you need to have an interest in change leadership! The course and program kicks-off with the fundamentals of change leadership and management concepts to get you started or reacquaint you with the subject area.

Certification and PDUs

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes. Upon completion, you will be issued a certificate to demonstrate completion of the program, and your newly gained change leadership skills and competencies.

  • Can I earn PDUs for ACMP, Change Management Institute, PMI, IIBA etc.?

    Definitely. If you’re looking to maintain your certification, this program will help you earn PDU points under the “Leadership” category. The program will help you earn your PDU points to maintain your Change Management Certification.

  • How much coaching and mentorship do I get?

    You get a total of 6 group live teaching and coaching sessions. That happens 2x a month every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 10am EST. You also get ongoing support, and can ask unlimited questions within the online community.

  • I need assistance in registration/accessing the course/community?

    We’d love to help! Click on support from the top dropdown menu to contact us, and our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

Get Your Company buy-in, here is how it works:

  • I need my company to reimburse me for enrolling in this course? Can you help?

    Definitely. Click on support from the top dropdown menu to request the supporting documents you require, and our team will be happy to assist you.

  • I would like to enroll my team on this program, can I get a bulk discount?

    Definitely! Corporate and bulk discounts are available for a minimum of 5 enrollees. Click on support from the top dropdown menu to contact us, and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to assist with the process.

  • Can you open a cohort exclusively for my team?

    Yes. As long as it meets the minimum number of ten enrollees.

I feel more at ease knowing that there are tools and strategies at my fingertips that can be leveraged to mobilize change

I used to be worried about resistance to change but seeing that there are strategies you can use to manage resistance, it makes me feel empowered!

The program focuses on best practices and strategies to lead organizational change. The strength of the program lies in its focus on change leadership competencies, which are essential to tap in any given situation.

Having completed the course, I feel more at ease knowing that there are tools and strategies at my fingertips that can be leveraged to mobilize change, sustain change and deal with change resistance.

Very engaging and practical. I was able to learn and network with other change leadership professionals.

It is such as an excellent course not just focused on driving and leading change, but understanding one’s change leadership style, building and fine tuning our leadership qualities, leveraging and scaling industry best practices and most of all, having a great coach!

The course was very engaging and practical. I was able to learn as well as network with other change leadership professionals.

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